Mission Collision Center

Why Mission Collision Center

is the best option to repair your vehicles?

At Mission Collision Center, Your Car is Our Mission! To do that, we're pursuing 100% Customer Satisfaction, and always doing the right thing for our customers while communicating and meeting expectations.

Because we know lives are put in our hands, the first and most important aspect of what we do is Safety; as an ICAR Gold Certified shop, the vehicles we repair are warranted to be fixed with the highest standards, making sure they meet the car manufacturer’s specifications.

We give all our customers 100% lifetime warranty on all the work we do. When you are part of the Mission Collision family, we've always got your back!!!

When working with an insured vehicle, we are often questioned: “who do you work for, the vehicle’s owner or the insurance company that pays for the repairs?" We work for you - the customer - regardless of whether the repair is paid for by an insurance company or out of your own pocket.

We don't rush the work, but we pride ourselves on implementing a Lean Production System with the best equipment available in the industry. Every day we look for ways to improve better prices, better quality, and better cycle time.

Lastly, we want you to always be informed, good or bad, about your vehicle - what's happening, what did we find or fix and when will it be ready.


Deliver Great Customer Experiences


We strive to be the Best Paint and Body Shop in America based on our Customer Care, Repair Quality and Cycle Time

Our values

Integrity, Knowledge, Responsibility, Communication, Professionalism. Cleanliness, Order


When your car is always our mission, we do it right!